Nick Carrington

Welcome to my knee and hip web-site which I hope you find informative and useful

I’m an Arthroplasty (Hip and Knee Joint) Specialist with over 15 years experience around the World.  Whilst I perform key-hole (arthroscopic) surgery and joint injections, the majority of my time is spent performing hip and knee procedures.  Aside from the ‘routine’ Total Hip Replacement (THR), Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and Uni-compartment knee Replacement (UKR), I am a leading specialist in ‘metal-on-metal’ hip replacements and revision hip and knee procedures.

I hope this web-site goes some way to helping you navigate the complexities of condition diagnosis and possible treatments. However if you do have any pain, injury or concern, the only real way to learn about what it is and what can be done is to see a dedicated specialist.

If I can be of further assistance, please come and see me.


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